Wren - R, Y1 and Y2


Welcome to Wren Class

Class teacher: Miss Dunn

Teaching Assistants: Miss Law & Mrs Reed



Registration – In the mornings the children will be collected  from playground by a member of staff.  It is important for the children to come into class independently, and organise their belongings to ensure a mature and prompt start to their school day.  A member of the Wren class staff will be on the playground in the mornings to collect the children and if you need to make an appointment or pass on a message we are always there to help.


PE – Please bring a P.E kit in a named bag into school. This will then come home every half term to be washed.


Homework books - children are expected to bring their book bags and homework books to school every day. We ask parents/carers to sign and tick when your child has read their book as we can then ask the children to change their book for a new one.


It is expected that your child will read at least 3 times a week, however most children read every night and we are able to change books daily if this is the case . 


In Wren class we regularly listen to and review your child’s reading and will read and respond to any comments you make in their homework book.  Good communication is important and we will endeavour to respond to questions/queries regarding your child’s reading through this avenue.


Homework – your child will bring home phoneme fans, tricky word 'trucks', high frequency 'key' words and speed reading as well 'word boxes' from time to time. Your child should know what to do with these, however please ask for clarification if you are not sure. Once your child can read the words sent home with ease, we ask that they practise writing them too.


I hope this provides you with an overview of routines and answers any questions or queries you may have been having. If you have any further questions please do take the opportunity to approach one of the Wren class staff on the playground.