Philosophy for Children

 I am delighted to announce that - working alongside our partner schools in the Diocese of Gloucester Academy Trust – we are launching Philosophy for Children (P4C) throughout the school.

Originating in the USA in the late 1960’s, P4C is a methodology that develops children’s thinking skills but perhaps more importantly it has been shown to have dramatic improvements in children’s reasoning and comprehension.

When children find their ideas and values are taken seriously they feel more valued themselves. In Blue class where this has been trialled for a while now we have noticed that the children have risen to the challenge of articulating themselves in public and generally show more respect when listening to others. In short they are more confident and able to participate in conversation.

The P4C approach encourages children to become respectful of different experiences and open to other ways of thinking; determined to think and act for themselves – to work out and practise their own philosophy.