Wellbeing for Parents

Thank you for everything you are doing to support your children’s learning at home.

Our teachers are working so hard to provide accessible learning opportunities. We are so proud of our school community as everyone is trying their best and children are continuing to learn in very difficult circumstances.

When it gets tough please remember that not all children always complete every task in school. Maths and English lessons should certainly be completed within an hour and children should stop and move on after this time.

The afternoon subjects are also important and will offer some variety and chance to explore other interests so please encourage children to complete these.

Reading is still a priority for all children and Star Reader quizzes should be completed by children on Accelerated Reader books.

Please continue to let us know if you and your child are struggling. We will support learning remotely as much as we are able but unfortunately, behaviour management is out of our control at the moment!

The most important thing for all our children is to feel loved and cared for at home.

Please find below links to Wellbeing newsletters that we hope you will find useful.